“The work of memory collapses time.”
Walter Benjamin

Bryan Benge explores the digital art medium, and in this work has drawn upon autobiography, family history and cultural icons from his past to explore visual memory and re-positioning of the past. Walter Benjamin observes in a Berlin Childhood , around 1900 “Memory is not an instrument for surveying the past but its theater.”(Benjamin, pub 1950.)

Benge mirrors the language of gaming technology and refers back to early pop art, for example the ‘Bunk Series’ of collages by Eduardo Paolozzi in the late 1940’s. Benge is interested in the recovery of early memories, in this recent series of digital art pieces. The impact of loss and bereavement, and the memories that stirs within us, are also reflected in the work. Benge has drawn upon elements of art history and has drawn upon fabled paintings, inserted into completely new digital environments. Humour and a re- appreciation of the artworks are found in the new digital contexts.

Pam Simpson.

Jan 2020.


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